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 Night Life in Malta

Night life in Malta has been gaining pace these last fifteen years and is emerging as one of the top party scenes in Europe. We maltese are quite nocturnal, especially in our teenage years and early twenties. We spend lots of cash on having a good night out, and the drinks are usually well priced (around 1.50 euros for a beer), so we drink alot! I still can't understand where all the money I earned in my early years ended up, I must have played an important part in Paceville's refurbisment! The warm summer nights between May and October also make it easier to make a move out of the house, so pedistrian areas in Paceville and Bugibba are ram packed with partygoers and groups of friends, all busy making the best out of their hard earned dosh. What I find is different in Maltese night life than that of other tourist destinations is that only a small minority of the venues cater specifically for tourists, thus creating a genuine atmosphere.

Paceville Malta - Night Life
Paceville Malta - Night Life
Paceville, St. Julians, topping the night life list in Malta. Paceville offers scores of clubs, bars, cinemas, pubs & restaurants lined up one next to the other. You don't need to drive from one place to another in paceville as everything is within walking distance. In the summer season you can go to Paceville anyday, or everyday in fact. Its a daily fashion show, and the Maltese girls compete in who's wearing least. If you're jealous of your hubby, go to Bugibba instead! In winter only the weekend is very busy, while a few clubs and bars are good on weekdays. Anything fromm Jazz, House, Chill out, R & B, hardcore, rock, trance, techno, Gay Bars, games rooms, you mention it, you have it. If you're bored in one place, try the other one. You will not manage to have one drink at every bar in Paceville in just one night. Some of the larger clubs are quite impressive to look at from the inside and most venues have a free entrance. All the bars I have been to in Paceville are quite professional and Police are present at various areas, so you can say its quite safe. Until midnight Paceville is mostly crowded with the under 20's, the older ones go a little later or go for a meal before. You've definitely got to visit Paceville if you come to Malta.

Bugibba is the second on the list, but it is more commercialised for tourists and it lacks the numbers on good clubs and bars. It is very busy in the summer months, however, winter nights are nearly dead except for a few established bars here and there. If you're staying close by, then obviosly Bugibba will be your first choice, but do try Paceville at the start of your holiday, not at the end!

Special Events. During the summer months, numerous events are held with guest DJ's brought in from all over the world. These events are organised professionally, some of them with numerous tents offering a variety of music, from house to trance to techno and all the rest! You don't need to be too lucky to find one of these parties while you are here, the problem might be getting hold of the tickets and knowing about them in the first place. You don't usually see too many tourists in these parties, probably only the ones with local acquintances make it!

Soft drugs are illegal in Malta and personal possesion id punishable by law.
Paceville Malta - Night Life
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