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 Malta Cycling Guide - Rent a bike in Malta

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When is it best to tour Malta & Gozo by bicycle?

Renting a bicycle in Malta during the hot summer months might not be the best idea. Spring time (March, April, May) and Autumn (Mid September till mid December) are the best times. You might be unlucky and find a very windy day, but if you book your bikes with us we will change them to another day without any extra charge. In spring and autumn, temperatures usually vary between 14 and 23 degrees. If you intend to take a bicycle in the Summer time, make sure you are physically prepared and avoid the worst sunshine hours (between 11:00am and 4:00pm). Don't forget to take water with you. Winter in Malta starts towards the end of December until the end of February. If you're not afraid of rain, then don't worry to tour around in this time. Day time in winter rarely gets colder than 12 degrees.

Where can you go with a bicycle in Malta & Gozo?

Malta and Gozo are full of hills, so prepare yourself for some tough cycling. But cycling in Malta and Gozo is an experience not to be missed. You will appreciate the views on the coast much better by bike, and there is no match than stopping for a cold drink in one of the quaint hidden villages around the country side. If you are cycling stick to the North (All Mellieha, St. Paul's Bay, Wardija, Burmarrad) and the West (Rabat / Dingli / Bahrija). The Southern areas of Delimara, Birzebuggia and Marsaxlook also offer some great coastal tracks. You will find many kilometres of rarely used country side roads, some are flat, some go down and some go up! Avoid the main roads, stick to the quiet ones, and don't forget that in Malta we drive on the left. Bicycles in Valletta are rarely seen and in most cities like Sliema its too hectic and you don't get too many bicycle lanes.

Xemxija Valley - Malta
Mellieha to Golden Bay
View of Mosta from Mgarr
Rabat to Mgarr (View of Mosta)

Is it convenient to rent a bicycle instead of a car?

Not really, unless you really like cycling or you're staying in Gozo. As I said before you rarely have bike lanes in the busy areas and on the main roads it can be dangerous. You don't find many places where to leave your bike either, except maybe tied to a tree or a pole. No one would usually steal your bike, but you could be unlucky so be careful. If you would like to rent a car online, check out our prices, click here >>

What about cycling in Gozo? (Malta's sister Island)?

Fantastic idea! Gozo is very, very quiet. Although it is as hilly as Malta is, you will find it easier to get to get around by bike! All roads, even the busiest ones are pretty quiet except maybe on a Saturday. I would strongly reccomend visiting Gozo by bike, preferably on two days. You should be able to cycle all around the Island in two days, three if you want it more relaxed.
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